• 2018-05-23 11:21:59How to choose new energy vehicle power battery pack thermal conductive silicon film?

    With the tendency of national policy to new energy vehicles in the past two years, a variety of hot money and angel investment have been held in the field of new energy vehicles. As the core part of the new energy vehicle, the new energy vehicle power battery has become the center of the whole storm, especially the thermal strategy of the new energy vehicle power battery. There are water cooling, wind cooling, phase change cooling, heat pipe cooling, and many schemes conforming to cooling. Although the heat management scheme is different, these are the water soldiers of the new energy vehicle power battery pack, while the heat conduction silicon film plays the silver plate of the new energy vehicle power battery pack iron.

    1. technical parameters of heat conductive silicon film in hybrid electric bus or car battery. The general hybrid vehicles pay more attention to the endurance and speed, and the weight and space of the body are relatively loose, so the requirements for heat conducting silicon film are not particularly harsh. So Safid's thermal conductive silicon film HW-ST9200-L can be satisfied. The thermal conductivity of this thermal conductivity silicon film is 2.0W/M*K, fire protection grade UL94V0, voltage 10KV above, density is also within normal 2.6g/cm3, weight loss less than 1%, working life over 10 years, and through the high temperature aging test, high and low temperature cycle test, high temperature and humidity test, environmental protection is also meet the latest ROHS 10. Considering the vibration and friction in the process of motor vehicle movement, we developed a long period of development, through the adjustment and improvement of the formula, the ultimate heat conduction silica gel in the case of Safid without any glass fiber and silica gel, the wear resistance and tensile strength of the heat conduction silica gel can meet the requirements of the customer.

    2. the technical parameters of the pure electric sightseeing vehicle or the thermal conductive silicon film in the logistics vehicle. At present, pure electric vehicles on the market are mainly sightseeing cars and logistics vehicles. This kind of car requires not very high speed, and requires light space, so it is very demanding for the volume of the battery pack, and the silicon film that is small to the battery pack is also a strict lightweight requirement. Safid specifically developed a lightweight, thermal conductive silicon film, HW-ST9100-L, which has a density of only 1.25g/cm3. It is believed that you have carefully seen the HW-ST9200-L density of the thermal conductive silicon film on it. The density of the thermal conductive silicon film HW-ST9100-L is one part of the density, and the silicon film HW-ST9100-L is conductive to heat conduction. It also does not need to add glass fiber and silica gel, also very wear-resistant, and the heat conduction in the glass and silica gel fabric will be higher, the thermal resistance is relatively lower, the other side has a self-adhesive, good bonding performance, can facilitate customer construction, very good softness and wear resistance, so that the heat conduction silicon film HW-ST910 0-L can be reworked many times and not tearing.

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